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Soul Sentinel Productions

Soul Sentinel Productions provides motion picture post-production services, along with in-house production of select motion pictures. We accept global submissions of scripts for our in-house development.


Based in New York City, our objective is to cultivate a video production process that is cooperative, effective, and exhilarating for our clients. Embracing a culture of going above and beyond is fundamental to us!

Post-Production Services

Our Work

Narcissists of New York City, Season 1

Available now on Amazon Prime, Tubi, YouTube

Pitch Script

Pitch your script to us! NDAs will be signed by a production executive before any treatments are received. We’re currently accepting submissions for Feature Films, TV shows, Web-series, and Animated original content.

Email us at for the NDA form, and a production personnel will send it over shortly!

Invest In Our Next Project

Narcissists of New York City, Season 2
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